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The $10.00 Special: our most popular item. You get 8 boxes of Jumping Beans fresh off the forest floor direct to your door.          Plastic box colors will vary.




Making Them Jump

  Jumping Beans respond to warmth and light to get them active. Gently shake their plastic apartment to wake them up from their nap. Place the Jumping Beans under a bright light for a few minutes. Be patient, they just woke up from a nap and it may take a few minutes for them to begin jumping. If your beans do not begin to jump after 10 minutes under the light, try warming them up. This is done by removing the beans from their plastic apartment. Place the beans into the palm of your hand. Be still and avoid quick movements. The heat from your hand should stimulate your beans to start jumping. As a last resort put all the beans back into their plastic apartment, and put the box into your shirt or pants pocket for some extra warmth. They should begin to jump within a few minutes.

  The Jumping Beans natural resting position is round side up "n" when left alone for a period of time. The beans are lazy and are taking a nap and will not jump at all. This is normal. Shake the plastic box to wake them up or remove the beans from their apartment. Place the beans round side down "U" on a table and they will begin to jump in a few minutes.

  Rolling, bouncing or spinning your beans will only scare them and increase the length of time until they decide to jump. Be patient! Remember, good things come to those who wait.

  It never fails that when it is time for bed your Jumping Beans start jumping up a storm. Don't let them keep you awake all night. Put them in a dresser drawer until the morning or place a small cotton ball inside their apartment.