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Bean Care

The Official Mexican Jumping Bean Owners Manual

  Jumping Beans respond to both light and warmth to get them active and jumping. Do not expose your beans to extremely hot temperatures i.e. accidentally left in the hot car or in cold places like your refrigerator.

  Violent shaking of your beans or dropping them to the ground may inflict irreversible brain damage rendering your beans lifeless. The only tricks your beans do is simply jump. Remember that your Jumping Beans are a living creature and they do/will get tired. Let your new pets take a "time out" every now and then to refresh themselves.

  Your Jumping Beans do not require any food to eat. However, your beans will require an occasional drink of water to extend their life expectancy. Once a week lightly mist the beans with lukewarm water. They don't need much water. Jumping Beans do not like baths or to participate in underwater scuba activities. Just a little sprits will do. Allow the water to soak into the beans (5 - 10 minutes) and remove any excess water with a paper towel. Drying your beans is very important. Leaving the beans wet may cause mold to grow on them shorting their life expectancy.

  Jumping Beans have very few predators in nature. Around the house many beans have lost their lives to the following tragedies:

  • Sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

  • Eaten by the dog.

  • Fallen down the drain.

  • Got too friendly with the cat.

  • Accidentally stepped on and squished

  • Went through the cloths washer or dryer

To prevent accidents always put your Jumping Beans back into their plastic apartment for safe keeping.

  The secret for the longest jumping life possible is as follows:

  • Avoid accidents.

  • Give your beans a drink of water once a week.

  • Periodic exercise will assure your beans will not stop jumping prematurely.